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For schools

For schools

Schools and parents should work in a close cooperation to maximize the results of the education.

SMS messaging helps to establish contact with all parents, even those who due to their age or social status cannot access the Internet or do not know how to use smartphones.

SMS messaging, as a tool for controlling students and informing parents, not only affects the discipline, but also protects children.

Why does SMS messaging is necessary for schools?

  • "Diary in SMS": notifying parents about the progress of the pupil in education
  • Information about skipping classes
  • Warning about cancellations or replacement of classes and changes in the schedule
  • Channel for comments and compliments from teachers
  • Reminders of parent meetings and school events
  • Messaging with homework

The DANYCOM.SMS service is simple and straightforward for use even by inexperienced users.
It is easy to integrate with the management system adopted in the school.

Ensures confidentiality of information and delivery of messages to all specified subscribers who are in the coverage area.

To work with the service, complete the registration form and initiate an agreement with us.