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For private clinics

Why there are so many complaints about public hospitals? Thats right, because of huge queues which takes a lot of time, because it is impossible to get to the doctor at a certain time even by appointment, because you cannot find your own test results and much more. Yes, there are state-owned clinics with exemplary services, but there are many of them without and even the good ones sometimes have a lack of equipments and narrow specialists.

These are the options: from one side, citizen can count on free medical care, but he should be ready to stuck with inconveniences or, by the other side, pay for appointment of the doctor, ensuring comfort for himself. And here the quality of service and fame play an important role in the competition between private clinics.

SMS messaging is the solution which is suitable for solving a variety of problems.

Why does private hospitals need for SMS messaging?

  • Confirm appointments for procedures and consultations
  • Remind about the time of consultation and name of doctor
  • Inform patients about the status of test results and other medical examinations
  • Send confidential information
  • Get new customers using SMS marketing
  • Inform about ongoing promotions and special offers

Moreover, for large medical centers or those that have distant branches from each other, SMS messaging can be used to coordinate the work of employees and maintain the corporate spirit.

DANYCOM.SMS service is a leader in the market of SMS aggregators. It ensures the delivery of messages and can send up to 2000 messages per second.

We use only reliable data transmission channel to preserve the confidentiality of transmitted information and to protect it against fraudsters.

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