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For dental clinics

For dental clinics

Private dental clinics are completely familiar practice in modern society. According to surveys, one of the main reasons that stimulates a person to come to a non-state clinic (or even a state-run, but with payment of treatment) is not only the professionalism of the doctor, but the level of offered services. Relationship with the patient, convenient working hours and other details can make visiting the doctor much more comfortable.

SMS messaging will significantly increase customer loyalty. Convenient reminders, congratulations on holidays and gifts of individual promotional codes will help the patient to feel his importance.

Why does SMS messaging is necessary for dental clinics?

  • Remind patients about the time and date of consultations
  • Notification about the availability of test results and images
  • Attracting new customers by SMS marketing
  • Informing about promotions and special offers

In addition, SMS messaging can be used to organize the employees working day and alert about changes in working schedule. This is especially needed for dental clinics whose branches are distant from each other.

The DANYCOM.SMS service can send up to 2000 SMS per second. This amount is enough to send messages without delay to all the necessary subscribers at the most necessary moments.

The service is easy to integrate with your current management system. The simple and intuitive interface does not require additional training to work with it.

To work with the service, complete the registration and initiate an agreement with us.