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For coaching and consulting

For coaching and consulting

Inside the coaching market you can achieve good profits if you have special skills to sell information. It is just a dream to keep a good flow of customers without advertising.
You can have the special knowledge, but don`t sell your lectures, even if the demand exists.

Why? First, there is high competition, and second, most likely, no one will specifically look for you.

SMS messaging is able to solve the problem of informing the audience at a minimal cost.

Why does SMS messaging is important for coaching and consulting business?

  • Attracting new customers
  • Informing the audience about upcoming events
  • Cross-salling of related products, returning a person to the basket
  • Sending confidential data (username and password from personal account, financial reports, etc.)
  • Reminding about the time of the seminar, lecture, webinar, etc.
  • Distribution of promotional codes and information about promotions and special offers

So, using SMS messaging service you can get new customers and stir up the interest of those who have already purchased the product.

DANYCOM.SMS is a market leader in SMS aggregators. Our system allows you to send up to 2000 messages per second. A simple intuitive interface allows even inexperienced users to work with the service. Itcan be easily integrated with almost all platforms.

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