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For car washes

For car washes

What defines the success of the car wash? Of course, you can say that it depends on the location, the quality of work performed by the employees, the tools and the equipment.
Of course, all the factors above are important. But, for example, not so popular location can be compensated by choosing the right advertising strategy.
One of the most effective and economical ways is SMS messaging. You can inform customers about ongoing promotions, remind them about their scheduled time and attract new customers.

Why does SMS messaging is important for car washes?

  • Remind scheduled time to clients
  • Advertise services and make additional sales
  • Notify about new promotions and special offers
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Inform about new washes opening

Using SMS messaging allows you to increase revenues of the car wash and its recognition.
In addition, for sufficiently large chains of car washes, SMS messaging will help to solve the problem of communication with employees and management of working hours.
DANYCOM.SMS service is very simple to use and if necessary can be easily integrated with other programs. The message is delivered to the subscriber within 10 seconds.

According to statistics, 70% of messages are opened in the first hour after received.
DANYCOM.SMS will help you to have a closer approach to your customers and increase the quality of service.
To start using the functionality, fill in the form on the website and sign a contract with us.