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For banks and credit institutions

For banks and credit institutions

When choosing a bank, the clients are looking not only for favorable deposit or loan conditions, but also for the most simple and accessible information system. They want to keep the track of events, receive reminders and be able to send requests instantly receive an answer.
The simplest example is an alert about the status of a personal account.

Why do banks need SMS messaging?

  • Information about the movement of funds
  • Reminder of making a obligatory payment
  • Notification with the results of the application for a loan
  • Notification about re-issuing of the card
  • Notification about new rates and special offers
  • Congratulations

Such client support helps to create a friendly environment of communication with the bank.
The clients feel an individual approach and do not worry about the safety of their funds.
Working with the DANYCOM.SMS service allows you to extend the functionalities. Using messages to a short code assigned to the bank, clients can manage their own funds, make payments and transfer funds.

SMS messaging for employees

SMS messaging helps to solve the problem of contacting not only with clients of financial institutions, but also with a large number of employees who are located remotely from the head office.
Colleagues can be informed about the new decisions and upcoming corporate events, they can be involved in a survey or you can congratulate them.

Reliability issue

First of all you need to think about the security system of internet banking system. Scammers will not miss the opportunity to get confidential information transmitting via unprotected communication channels. DANYCOM.SMS is a proven service that guarantees the implementation of all security protocols.
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