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WhatsApp messaging

WhatsApp messaging

WhatsApp is considered to be one of the most popular messengers on the planet. The application is installed on almost every smartphone and it is easy to imagine the potential of such an audience coverage for business.

By sending advertising via WhatsApp, you can easily deliver any kind of information, including links, images and videos. The possibilities of this marketing tool are really great. In addition to the size of coverage, the service is able to create target messaging by audience geography, gender, age, cellphone operator and solvency.

Who needs this service?

Mass messaging will be useful to most companies, including the following:

  • car dealers and service centers
  • banks and other credit institutions
  • night clubs, restaurants, cafes
  • insurance companies, insurance brokers
  • commercial networks, hypermarkets
  • online stores
  • cinemas and sport centers
  • communication providers
  • travel agecies
  • fitness clubs

The WhatsApp messaging service has a significant potential due to its high coverage and affordable prices.

If you are interested in our service, contact our manager after registering on the service.

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