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Voice calling

Voice calling

Voice calling is a convenient and inexpensive way to deliver information to your target audience.

This advertising tool can be suitable to any business that is interested in a wide advertising coverage through cold calls. The message subject and the type of business of the company does not matter. Voice calling is a universal opportunity to tell potential clients about yourself and notify the existing ones about something. They are also often used for surveys and receiving feedback on the quality of products and services of the company.

Using our service you will be able to create a large base of clients, which will expand on a regular basis automatically. Also you have access to all of the statistics about the work performed.

Who needs voice callings?

The service will be suitable for the following companies:

  • trading of any type of goods
  • online stores
  • individuals and legal entities services
  • restaurants
  • travel agencies
  • service sector
  • taxi services
  • any type of prompt customer information, as well as surveys in order to control the quality of services

The benefits of using voice callings are obvious. No call-center will allow you to cover such a wide audience in such a short time with a minimum budget and labor resources.

If you are interested in our service, contact our manager after registering on the service.

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