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Viber messaging

Viber messaging

Viber is one of the most popular messengers in the world, which allows you to create mass messaging to large groups of subscribers.

Messaging via Viber is a worthy alternative to SMS messages both in price and in functionality. You do not have to save on the number of characters to fit into the budget, since the volume can reach thousands of characters in one message. Messaging recipients will see full information about your offer with graphics and links to visit the landing page. Viber messaging also supports geographic targeting.

Why is this service useful?

Viber messaging will be useful if you want to quickly inform your audience about such things as:

  • news
  • promotions and discounts
  • different events of your company
  • holiday greetings
  • different types of report
  • and much more

This is an effective marketing tool for any business which needs efficiency and high quality of reporting the information.

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