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SMS messaging

SMS messaging

Automated sms-messaging is one of the most effective and cheap ways to conduct an advertising campaign, to inform customers about special offers, promotions or delivery statuses.
Mobile marketing has proven itself as a reliable tool for business development. On average, 27% of promotional codes received by subscribers via the DANYCOM.SMS messaging were activated.
DANYCOM.SMS is a convenient service for sending messages with a simple intuitive interface. The users can manage the process from their personal accounts. It is not necessary to get any additional training or have specific skills to use our service.
SMS is a way to contact customers quickly and deliver them relevant information. According to statistics, subscribers open 75% of messages within 30 minutes after receiving them.

Main advantages:

  • low cost to contact clients;
  • high conversion rate;
  • simple native usability and transparent reporting;
  • speed (quick launch of advertising campaigns and alerts).

DANYCOM.SMS service is capable of sending up to 2000 messages per second. You can track the statistics and adjust the actions to achieve maximum results.

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