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Short codes

Short codes

Short Codes are used for marketing and advertising campaigns, contests, for support and for customer service, etc. Most of short codes used consist of four numbers. The “Short codes” Service implies the ability to pay for a product or service by sending an SMS message.

The number can be exclusive or shared by several companies.

In the first option, the company individually uses a four-digit number. In this case, the options for its use are not limited neither to the company, nor to its customers.
The sharing of the short code occurs with the use of the prefix. It means that several companies use the same number at once. In this case, the text in the message to be sent by the subscriber determines to whom it is addressed.
Short Codes can be issued for rent. This is especially beneficial for small companies or short-lived promotions.

Why is the “Short Code” service so popular?

  • It is fast. No need to open applications or wait for a connection to the server.
  • It is widely available. For making a transfer, it is not needed to have a smartphone or internet connection.
  • It is very clear and simple to use.


There are a few options:

  • The number can be free for the end user. In this case, the legal entity - the client - assumes all costs.
  • Number conditionally free for the users. It means that by sending a message to a short code, the subscribers pay only in accordance with their tariff plan.
  • Connecting a user-paid number with an individual cost. By sending SMS, the subscribers pay for the cost of the message and the cost of the service or order itself.

To activate the “Short Codes” service you just need to register on the site and initiate an agreement.


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