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Bull's eye! In other words - SMS-target

Do you know your target audience? Age, gender, geolocation, social status? If so, what is the reason to send important information to everyone, if you can send an SMS only to specific users and achieve the expected feedback? Using DANYCOM.SMS and the "Target" service, you can send messages to specific subscribers. Targeted messaging does not violate any law. All subscribers who receive SMS, voluntarily gave their consent to the data processing.

Advantages of targeted advertising

  • Only subscribers that match the selected parameters will see the advertisement.
  • Tell a new audience about your product and attract potential customers.
  • Send only current promotional offers to audiences with different targeting options.

What are the possibilities to select your target?

  • Select gender and age
  • Determine by audience geolocation (residence and working place)
  • Sending a message when a subscriber appears in a certain location with an accuracy of 50 meters
  • Track the subscriber behavior - travelling abroad or to certain regions of the country, visiting websites and determining their respective subjects

The availability of certain features depends on the selected operator

If you are interested in the targeted advertising service, contact our manager after registering on the service.

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