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Push notifications

Push notifications

Push notifications are short-text notifications that show up in browsers and mobile applications. Today this is one of the most convenient ways to alert existing subscribers quickly.

This method has more clickability due to the initial loyalty of the subscribers, as well as the absence of annoying need to interrupt their activities for reading the message.

Who needs messaging via push notifications?

Most often this tool is used by the following categories of companies:

  • Mass Media (information portals)
  • online stores
  • gaming web resources
  • logistics
  • credit institutions
  • travel agencies and others

Push notifications are easy to connect, comfortably perceived by the user and, as a result, have a high percentage of returns for the advertiser. In 90% of cases the subscriber follows the suggested link to the site and gets acquainted with the offered material. You get increasing in audience engagement and increasing in conversion rates. At the same time, the cost of push messaging is lower than similar channels.

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