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Incoming SMS Number

Incoming SMS Number

The Incoming SMS number service allows the company to receive feedback as messages from its customers during the draws, researches and polls. This is a convenient opportunity to establish a closer contact with the target audience. Subscribers pay for messages according to the tariffs of their operators.

This tool will allow you to establish a two-way communication with your customers, as well as partners and employees. You will be able to take orders, requests or any other information in a convenient form. The received data can be exported, sent by e-mail or downloaded via a web protocol.

In addition to automatic answers, this system can work with your CRM business processes. The client will receive a reply message and the script will create a task for your employee depending on the text of the message.

For whom the Incoming SMS Number service is suitable:

  • online trading
  • online purchase of tickets
  • travel agencies
  • banks and other financial organizations
  • service companies

The service can be provided with a short code or a long number. The difference is in the quantity of digits and the tariffs for the subscriber. Also, the company may have a dedicated or shared number. In the first case, the quantity of users is only one; in the second, there may be several of them. Options are selected individually based on business needs.

If you are interested in our service, contact our manager after registering on the service.

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