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IMSI services

IMSI services

IMSI is a unique digital subscriber identifier that is necessary to ensure the security of data transmission. The file is stored with the code on the SIM card.

IMSI services are usually used by banks and other organizations where data confidentiality is important. A simple example of using the service is the sending a message with a one-time code for payment. In this case it is very important to ensure the safety of information from third parties

IMSI Check is required to confirm that specific subscriber is really who he claims to be. For example, when you enter a mobile bank or request a one-time-use password, the system instantly blocks the data transfer operation if the IMSI does not match the previously registered one.

IMSI Check allows you to track and prevent the actions of fraudsters that are associated with the SIM-cards replacement.

If you are interested in the IMSI service, contact our manager after registering on the service.

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