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HLR number lookup

HLR number lookup. How to find out if the subscriber is active in the network?

Working with large databases of numbers suggests that some of the subscribers have already said goodbye to SIM cards, but their numbers are still listed in the database. In order to exclude the numbers of “dead souls”, DANYCOM.SMS has HLR number lookup service.

What is HLR?

HLR (Home Location Register) is a shared database. It contains complete information about mobile networks subscribers of GSM-operators.

How does it work?

The service works with a loaded database of numbers and systematically sends hidden requests to them. HLR verification service guarantees confidentiality and does not distract subscribers. It only checks the registration of the subscriber in the network. You can check any mobile number. If the subscriber is unavailable by certain parameters, the service excludes this number from the database.

What does the service offer?

It allows you to pay only for messages to real subscribers who receive it. It can save budget on inaccessible numbers and can track the results of your messaging without including non-active numbers.
If you are interested in the HLR number lookup service, please contact our manager after registering on the service.


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