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Email is a modern and effective marketing tool. This service automates the sending of emails to partners, customers and employees of the company. To anyone you've entered to the database. Delivering information to a particular person has never been so easy and economic. Anyone can be a recipient, no matter where he is. The only condition - recipient must give consent to receive letters from you.
The Email service by DANYCOM.SMS is not only about sending any volume of letters to selected recipients, but also comprehensive preparation for an effective advertising or information campaign, as well as analysis of the results. Our mailing list service is an intuitive interface for creating letters, the possibility to create templates and access to the subscribers database.

Integration with third-party services

Our service can be easily integrated with third-party IT-systems using the API.

Performance analysis

You can track the reactions to the letters. This will allow you to adjust the distribution strategies if necessary.

The following information will be available to you:

  • how many messages were opened by the recipients;
  • the number of clicks on the links;
  • how often people decide to opt-out, etc.

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