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SMPP documentation

SMPP documentation


Create an account for SMPP connection in the "API" and "SMPP" sections, specifying all the necessary parameters:

Parameter Description
login login of your SMPP client which will be used for Danycom.SMS gateway connection
password password of your SMPP client which will be used for Danycom.SMS gateway connection
IP-адрес IP-address of your SMPP client

Important! Please, initiate an agreement with Danycom.SMS in "Requisitions and agreements" section before sending SMS and then configure the SMPP connection.

Supported commands:

Value Description
BIND_RECEIVER Connect as RECEIVER (client can only receive messages from SMSC)
BIND_TRANSMITTER Connect as TRANSMITTER (client can only send messages to SMSC)
BIND_TRANSCEIVER Connect as TRANSCEIVER (client performs two-way messaging)
SUBMIT_SM Send message
QUERY_SM Request message status
DELIVER_SM Send Delivery Receipt by server
ENQUIRE_LINK Check connection
UNBIND Disconnect

Supported commands parameters

Parameter Description Value
source_addr_ton Type of Number (TON) 0x00 - Unknown
0x01 - International
0x02 - National
0x03 - Network Specific
0x04 - Subscriber Number
0x05 - Alphanumeric
0x06 - Abbreviated
source_addr_npi Numbering Plan Indicator (NPI) 0x00 - Unknown
0x01 - ISDN (E163/E164)
0x02 - Data (X.121)
0x03 - Telex (F.69)
0x04 - Land Mobile (E.212)
0x05 - National
0x06 - Private
0x07 - ERMES
0x08 - Internet (IP) 0x09 - WAP Client Id (it should be defined by the WAP Forum)
dest_addr_ton Type of Number (TON) 0x01 - International
dest_addr_npi Numbering Plan Indicator (NPI) 0x01 - ISDN (E163/E164) (for numbers)
0x02 - National (for remains)
esm_class Indicates Message Mode & Message Type. It is used to define special short message attributes. 0x00 - Default message type
0x40 - 0x40 - UDHI indicator installed (User Data Header Indicator)
registered_delivery Status request parameter 0x00 - status request flag disabled
0x01 - status request flag enabled
data_coding Specifies the encoding scheme for short message user data 0x01 - IA5(CCITT T.50)/ASCII (ANSI X3.4) Latin alphabet 7 bits per 1 character. Maximum length of one message is 160 characters
0x07 - Latin/Hebrew (ISO-8859-8) Latin alphabet 8 bits per 1 character. The maximum message length is 140 characters
0x08 - UCS2(ISO/IEC-10646) for national alphabets (i.e. Russian). The maximum message length is 70 characters