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Get all bases of contacts

Get all bases of contacts

API 1.0 Danycom.SMS allows you to integrate an SMS notification system into your website or CRM system. Inform customers about changes in balance, order delivery, arrival of taxi or other important events automatically. All methods are accessible using HTTP/HTTPS GET and POST requests.

Important! Please, initiate an agreement with Danycom.SMS in "Requisitions and agreements" section before sending SMS and then generate an API-key.

Sending parameters

GET /api/v1/ClientLK/GetBasePhones?token=BCEC4951169615B79B6B611B705888929DCE8E6E
Parameter Type Application Description
token string Obligatory API-key

Response example

        "data": [
                "id": 331,
                "name": "All contacts",
                "countContacts": 1