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The mission of DANYCOM.SMS is to provide a reliable, fast and convenient SMS messaging service for companies from all over the world.

DANYCOM.SMS is one of the largest SMS aggregators on the A2P market. A simple and user-friendly interface allows you to use the service without having any special skills or training. Distinctive feature of DANYCOM.SMS service is a wide functional platform for independent work and the possibility of individual support of our team of specialists.
The optimal balance of price, quality and results. Capacity to send up to 2000 messages per second. We give a 100% guarantee of message delivery to active numbers. High security levels. More than five billion messages are sent with our system per month.


  • 24/7 support

  • Guaranteed delivery

  • We send up to 2000 sms per second

  • Own technical platform

Principles of DANYCOM.SMS

Take full advantage of mobile marketing with DANYCOM.SMS

  • Thinking about customers

    First of all, we are working to help you to solve your problems.

  • Supporting in endeavors

    Something gone wrong? Do you need special messaging conditions for your project implementation? Our managers will help you.

  • We work according to local and international laws

    We are committed to follow the most strict international laws

  • Expand boundaries

    We are constantly improving the service and offering new possibilities to message customers.

  • Optimization

    We have developed the most accessible and functional interface for the user.

  • Keeping confidentiality

    Personal data will never get to third parties and will not become public. Data security is our priority.

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